Current and Recent Courses Taught

Goucher College
Digital Media Programming
Mathematics, Music & Imagery
Introduction to Digital Media and Open Source
Web Development
The University of Kansas
Music Theory 1,2,3 (Tonal)
Music Theory 4 (Post-Tonal Analysis)
Performance Media: Computers, Synthesizers, and Electronics
Graduate Theory Review
Fundamentals of Music
Installation Art Sound Workshop

Current Administrative Duties

Goucher College
Academic Director of the Master of Arts in Digital Arts (MADArts) Program
The University of Kansas
Helianthus New Music Ensemble, Assistant Director

Prior Teaching Experience

The Peabody Institute
Studio Techniques TA
Web Page Design TA
Synthesis Theory / Digital Music Programming tutoring
student of Music Theory Pedagogy
The Kiski School
Composition and Theory
General Music
Choir director
Band director
Piano instruction
Algebra II / Pre-Calculus


Current Projects

sonic installation to be run in conjunction with James Turrell's "Gard Blue"
a web-based strategy video game with fully integrated, interactive music
Meditations (ongoing)
for a variety of small ensembles and soloists
the scrap bin
a collection of recorded improvisations and compositions not good enough to publish, but interesting enough to share


Recalling You
an interactive generative Web-based portrait
for Laine
Revolutions of Earth and Moon
several dozen out-of-phase copies of the third movement of my symphonic poem, "Earthrise / Moonrise," constructed and mixed using the Web Audio API
Meditation No.4: Reflections
1-5 musicians, unspecified instrumentation
Download: Windows, Mac
Example Realization:
Preacher Bird
crane sutras for clarinet
collaboration with Forrest Pierce
Aspen Bellows
cello with electronics
electronics programmed for Forrest Pierce
symphonic poem (full orchestra)
score (excerpt)


Part Two
accordion, clarinet, and improvised electronics


sampled instrumentation
Remembering Keen
Meditation No.3: Atom
violin with live processing
Meditation No.2: Breath
vibraphone and contrabass or electric bass guitar
Meditation No.1: Inner Labyrinth
unspecified solo instrument with live processing
Download Meditation #1 application: Mac


clarinet choir
Flight of the Astrolach
violin, accordion, and contrabass
Fire but not Arson
score (pdf)
for flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, piano, trombone, vibraphone


Duet for an Aviator
for voice, throttles, and live electronics
t'echo Waltz
for voice, clarinet, guitar, keys, double bass, and live electronics
Ye Olde Party
electronic folk dance music


America: The News is 2008?
March, (percussive map for vocals)
CSound is People, Too
.orc file(1), .sco file(2)
my very first Csound (a parody)
Randomness is Ambiance
for Pd
Sure and Steady
for Pd (and computer keyboard)
Shenandoah (and other folk tunes)
for Pd (and computer keyboard)
.pd file


One More Day
for five voices


Blastin' Blues
for big-band
Torque, (composed jointly with Ben Taylor)
for electronics and dancers
score (pdf)
for two clarinets, piano, violin, cello, and Pure Data
Time Dots
for keyboard, mouse, joystick, and live graphics (Pure Data with GEM)
for flutes, drums, piano, and electronics
In the Sun with Laine
for piano and double bass


Three Performers for Keyboard, Mouse, and Joystick
Pd files: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Note: these files are designed for a dedicated audio computer networked to a dedicated graphics computer
for keyboard, mouse, joystick, and Pure Data
Walk on an Autumn Evening
Pd display file, Pd sound file
for clarinet and Pure Data with GEM
Gamelan Distortion
recorded music: two performers on one Balinese bonang, distorted
for organ
Variations on a Poem by Sarah Hale
for piano
Radio Canada (found)
Radio Canada (short version)
recorded using old headphones as an old mic on an old radio
Morning, Ubud, Bali (found)
recorded in the mid-morning from a terrace overlooking the town


Phaso Nuevo
recorded music: electronic 'remix' of Buena Vista Social Club's “Pueblo Nuevo'
On a G String
(original sample)
piano and electronics
Simple Cake
recorded music: for an eight part MIDI ensemble with square wave lead


Rebab pie
for reduced Sundanese gamelan ensemble: rebab, two sarons, gambang, peking, panerus, bonang
for baritone and piano, a setting of the poem 'Autumn' by Siegfied Sassoon
Passing Away
for soprano, piano, and contrabass, a setting of the poem of the same name by Christina Georgina Rossetti
Piano Cake
for solo piano
Clarinet Sass
for solo clarinet
Before Leaving
for alto saxophone, keyboard, bass guitar, guitar, and drums


Passacanonic (excerpt)
for three clarinets


Prayer No.1
for voice and electronics


Come Rain or Come Shine (2007)
for big-band
Take the "A" Train (2007)
for big-band
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (2007)
for big-band
Stella By Starlight (2007)
for big-band
Kiski (2006)
for men's chorus
All the Things You Are (2006)
for small vocal ensemble and piano
Amazing Grace (2006)
for small vocal ensemble
I Get Around (2006)
for four male voices
Let It Snow (2006)
swing arrangement for big-band
On Green Dolphin Street (2003)
for trumpet, alto sax, trombone, guitar, keyboard, contrabass, and drums



Note: software directly connected to a composition is not listed here, but may be available in the composition list

Charmonika v.2

A totally JavaScript-based update to Charmonika to bring your bayan practice onto the web.
Click here to check it out in your browser.


A program for those interested in converting timbre to pitch information in realtime. Takes input from soundfile or from microphone. Outputs in MIDI pitch / velocity format. Useful for music/sound analysis and for converting sounds to musical notation.
Download: Mac


Useful for learning to perform polyrhythms, for perceiving the acoustic overlap between pitch and rhythmic space, and more. Mac package includes a simple (low graphic) version.
Download: Mac, Windows, Windows (low graphic)


A program for the exploration of scale systems generated from pure intervals/ratios. Useful as a compositional tool or teaching aid.
Download: Mac, Windows


A virtual concertina/accordion/bayan. You can choose your finger mapping to allow your computer keyboard to be used like a variety of different folk instruments. Optionally, use your mouse to control the bellows!
Download: Mac , Windows

Kreol: Play Music by Typing

Co-designer of this software project. Please see the website for more information.

The Sonatron Project

This project was an early attempt at merging gaming with music-making in a free, non-linear way. The player orbits a sequenced star, but can make musical decisions freely in response. The idea was that the game would reward an equilibrium between repetition and variety, encouraging the player to improvise coherently while still connecting their music to the star. The game includes approximations for a variety of traditional musical interfaces, including guitar, piano, and bayan. Initial development began in Pd, but stalled after switching into the Unity game engine. I hope to return to this project at some point, but it's been abandoned since 2008. Nonetheless, the early Pd source files are available here for the occasional person who may be interested. This rough Pd version works only on OS X and Linux, with no guarantees.